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    I'm familiarizing myself with ISPConfig3 and planning on migrating my existing PowerDNS master/slave setup. Looking at the code and the explanations on how things are supposed to work, I stumbled upon a few strange things.

    ISC3 uses its own replication/setting synchronization system between its nodes. Slave NS nodes are updated by ISC3, not by standard notify/AXFR mechanisms. According to the PDNS docs, in these cases the native replication should be used which is indicated by setting the zone type to 'NATIVE'.

    However, in ISPC3 the master and slave zones are trated as such, and master zones are set to 'MASTER' and ISPC3-replicated slaves to 'SLAVE'. This creates unnecessary notification messages and superfluous AXFR replication in addition to the ISPC3-controlled native replication.

    I haven't configured ISPC for this kind of setup yet, but if I understand everything correctly, this should be fixed.
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    There s nos special configuration in powerdns or bind required. Just install the second server as ispconfig slave and select it to be the mirror of the first ispconfig ns server. There will be no axfr used or send in this setup as ispconfig replicated the records internally. You dont have to add a slave zone at all in ispconfig.
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    I know that much already. But a few things:

    • no special configuration is involved for a general master DNS to send out notification messages to all possible slaves (ie. per default, to all servers listed as NS records in a zone, except for itself)
    • if ISPC3 sets a zone as master, notification messages _will_ be attempted to be sent
    • on ISPC3 "mirror" aka DNS slave nodes (for a setup involving secondary DNS) slave zones are copied as SLAVE, so AXFR _will_ be attempted from the master after notification
    If in newer releases (3.0.4 I guess?) this works some other way, please let me know. In any case, if notifications are somehow disabled in the master by ISPC3 configuration/installation, the zones' type is still not properly configured (should be NATIVE), as per PDNS docs. My current setup is also working using native zones and mysql replication.
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