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    Hello all. I have been banging my head on the wall trying to figure out the world of linux. Ive been playing around with these tutorials to learn more about penguin.

    Im trying to play around with Power DNS on this VPS that i have. I have attempted to use the guide here.

    Ive got PowerDNS installed but i cannot get poweradmin to work correctly. I have a feeling the issue is with PHP.

    I followed the guide above but used the latest version of all the software.
    When I access the poweradmin link it doesn't seem to load correctly as it should in the demo on poweradmin.

    here is the link

    Also when i log in the session expires immediately and then takes me back to the log in screen.

    Any input would be helpful.
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  3. justintehtech

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    Was able to get it working with the Fedora guide.
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    for future reference
    when installing poweradmin

    you need to preserve in the "inc" directory the file config-me.inc.php

    at the beginning I think that file was a example and rename the file and make the changes to match the results from installation wizard

    but, is not an example file ... and is needed to make everything work

    two problems if you do not preserve this file

    1.- inmediate expiration of the session, as soon as you enter and click anything, you receive a session expired message and return to login
    2.- the graphics and colors in the login screen are missing ( something that you only notice, if you know the interface or when finally you make it work)

    so , do not touch config-me.inc.php
    create config-inc.php from scratch and put the information from the installer

    hope help someone
    Jorge Arenas
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