PowerDNS + GeoBackend + HAProxy???

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by claytonwagner, Sep 20, 2011.

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    I'm trying to find a complete open source alternative to the incredibly expensive DNS GTM services such as Akamai GTM, UltraDNS, and TZO. And also these hardware solutions such as BigIP F5 GTM or Radware. The hosted services run from 1000-4000 per month and the hardware solutions cost between 20-30 thousand dollars.

    I've look around and don't see any complete open source options for a geolocation DNS with a failover capability at the DNS response level. PowerDNS with GeoBackend is almost there. The only thing left is the ability to setup a "pool" for HA capabilities.

    In a simple senario, you would have EAST and WEST coast datacenter with authoritative DNS in each location (NS1 and NS2). Then we'd have traffic getting routed to the EAST or WEST coast pool based on source IP location. Then within the EAST and WEST coast pools we'd have the public IP of a primary and a secondary location with some sort of health check to determine their availablity.

    DNS Lookup -> geolocation -> pool -> active node

    Does anyone have a complete implementation of these services together? If so, which products did you use? Or is there another option to replace these overly expensive services/hardware?

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    So you simply want to route traffic based on a persons geographic location.

    If only the "pool for HA" is missing, you can setup keepalived on both datacenters to handle the failover.

    So you get:
    - Your DNS servers will decide to which datacenter the traffic will go (put ns1 in EAST, ns2 in WEST and both AUTH).
    - At the datacenters your keepalived server(s) will send the request to a up and running server within that datacenter.

    Et voila .. and this solution will cost you a few simple barebone servers.

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