postmap: fatal: open transport: No such file or directory

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by denis, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. denis

    denis New Member

    In the Groupware Server With Group-Office, Postfix, Dovecot And SpamAssassin On Debian Lenny (5.0) installation, I get as far as Create the transport db:

    # cd /etc/postfix
    # postmap transport

    on page 2 and get the postmap: fatal: open transport: No such file or directory error.

    Any ideas ?
  2. topdog

    topdog Active Member

    You need an actual file in place before your create the db file.
  3. aboveamenity

    aboveamenity New Member

    I don't understand what that means. How, where and what file are you talking about?:confused: Can someone please explain?
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  4. tebokkel

    tebokkel New Member

    In Postfix, transport is a file that lists how to reach destinations or addresses that are not local and not to be reached by standard DNS-resolving and sending over port 25 (also standard).

    If it doesn't exist, just create it:
    cd /etc/postfix
    touch transport
    postmap transport

    If you're lucky, you'll never need the transport file; currently, my only entry on my private server, is a forward to my ISP for one domain that doesn't accept email directly from what they think is a dynamic range.

  5. aboveamenity

    aboveamenity New Member

    Thanks for a fast response. In my case, I'm wondering if I have a similar setup to you. I'm using DynDNS, so should I have something in my transport file like you?
  6. tebokkel

    tebokkel New Member

    transport is only for outgoing email. The fact that you use DynDNS could mean you have a dynamic IP, but not nescessarily. If you don't encounter blocked outgoing email (using SORBS DUL for example), I wouldn't take the effort.
    If you're uncertain about how to approach, have an unwilling ISP (that blocks port 25 outgoing for example), are blocked a lot or have a conterminated IP-range (ex-spammer or - too - cheap hosting), you could/should use a "" in /etc/postfix/

  7. aboveamenity

    aboveamenity New Member

    When I am setting up my debian base, it asks for the domain. Does that mean I should put my dyndns domain or the one from my isp? The answer to this question might help me understand smtp and pop3 settings better. I'm glad you told me about the relayhost key, but I don't know what it means from the way I setup the host. I put the DynDNS domain in when I went through the setup of the machine.
  8. tebokkel

    tebokkel New Member

    Your question is mostly about incoming mail. You are free to pick whatever name you choose, as long as the domain(s) you want to receive email for are listed in mydestination (of the file that it points to).

    Relayhost is for outgoing email.

    The hostname (and domain) you give, are not really used in SMTP (which is a pity, we could have had a lot less spam if they were).
    Postfix uses (can use) the myorigin and myhostname parameters, for respectively originating (outgoing) email and incoming email.


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