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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by asyadiqin, Apr 3, 2008.

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    I used to have this error before but I have somehow forgotten how I resolved it the last time. Hope someone can assist with this.

    I have install Postfixadmin and everything seems to look fine. However, when I tried to add domain using the Postfixadmin admin page, I keep getting the following errors.

    I have already configured the file and everything seems to be in order. However, if you look at the error, you will notice that Postfixadmin is actually trying to connect to the MySQL server as "apache" instead of as "postfixadmin" which is what was configured in

    Any idea how to resolve this and why this is happening?
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    I managed to recall how I fixed it the last time so I hope this would be useful to anyone who tried to use Postfixadmin with magic_quotes turned off.

    Open and go to line 126.

    Find this
    Add this 1 line

    Now the code will look like this

    Now it should work.

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