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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by mbascombe, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. mbascombe

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    I followed the how to guide to set up perfect server with Ubuntu8.10
    What i will like to achieve is to allow user to access the mail server by using
    I used as my server name and in the postfix setup I used I haven't created any site on ISPConfig as yet but when I type in a browser I get Apache2 default page, "It's Work" and for I get the same page.
    I already installed squirrelmail and can access it by typing
    1. How do I go about getting mail.example to point to my mail server.
    2. Can I create it as a co domain and forward it to
    3. How can someone accessing my mailserver for the first time create an email address without any input on my end.

    Any help or direction to previous post will be greatly appreciated.
  2. _X_

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    1) create Co-Domain:
    Hostname: mail

    2) For the first time it cant ... but client (owner not admin user of site) can.
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  5. mbascombe

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    Ok I was reading this same how to earlier today and was wondering if this is the same CMS Drupal that is being talk about. I was planning to install Joomla. Or can I still install Drupal and use Joomla on individual site.
    Ps. Does this tutorial work on a system that already have ISPConfig and website?
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  6. _X_

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    Drupal and Joomla are different CMS so you cannot use Drupal plugins on Jomla and vice versa. I think there is nothing similar on Joomla as described plugin for Drupal.
    this is framework for ISPConfig and it alows you to create users and clients from php file. theoretically you could modify any registration for any CMS so it creates user in ISPConfig for Site at the same time as it creates user for CMS. but for more info about this you should look at

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