Postfix/virtual users - general need of understanding setup

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  1. niklas78

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    Hello all,

    I have been running linux the last 7 years, but what is new to me is my new setup of a local mailserver. I used the great howto regarding postfix/virtual users (stored in mysql) with a vmail user (/home/vmail/...) (I run Ubuntu 7.10)

    I feel I do not understand where what is stored and why... (= meaning I would like to better understand the setup) :) The setup works, meaning I can log in and so. So here are some more specific questions:

    1. How are the local users related to the virtual, meaning postmaster = root , then root = MyUserNameOnLinux. Is the mails then stored in my home folder or under /home/vmail/MyUserNameOnLinux? Also I have setup my mail adress as a virtual user = [email protected]. Is this 2 seperate places for mail to be stored?

    2. I have my server at home on a DSL connection. Use ZoneEdit for making sure that my hostnames point to my current IP. Up till now I have used fetchmail to download my mails from my ISP. Where will/should fetchmail store the mails? (under MyUserOnLinux or on my virtual user?). Also Would it be easy / better to skip this step and tell ZoneEdit to push the mail directly to my server? (is it possible/recommended on a dsl connection?)

    3. Secure backup and restoration of my mail accounts. When I understand the answer on question 1 this may not be an issue. But how can I create a backup of all mails stored on my server, and how easy will it be to restore the backup.

    Think this is all for now... hope I will reach a better understanding soon :)
  2. niklas78

    niklas78 New Member

    Answer to my self:

    I found this text "With the Postfix virtual(8) mailbox delivery agent, every recipient address can have its own virtual mailbox. Unlike virtual alias domains, virtual mailbox domains do not need the clumsy translation from each recipient addresses into a different address, and owners of a virtual mailbox address do not need to have a UNIX system account."

    I understand this as the postfix server will "capture" all mail and delivere them to the virtual (non unix) users folder under /home/vmail (in my case).

    New questions: Shuld i forward my "normal" unix users mail to my virtual mailbox? to secure that all mail to "me" goes to one place.
  3. falko

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    That's up to you. :)
  4. niklas78

    niklas78 New Member

    got you :) I finally understood as you say that I can choose. I updated the alias file so that the root "mail" is fowarded to my virtual user. Works great.

    This also worked great in fetchmail... (meaning, the mail is delivered to my virtual user).

    Still - Any advice input on the backup / restore part is still welcome... Menaing how can I setup a good easy backup that is easy to also restore...
  5. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

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