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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by nichu, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. nichu

    nichu New Member

    I installed postfix etc using Falko Timme's manual
    Lately I started to "bravely fight" with Postfix + Squirrelmail
    everything works great
    but I want to have possibility to change passwords
    (from MySql database) through the webside
    SM has a plugin (change_sqlpass) - but it needs Pear DB installed

    [[email protected] ~]# rpm -q php-pear
    [[email protected] ~]# rpm -q php-pear-DB

    and as You see I installed it ...
    but .....
    PHP has no PEAR handling installed
    i checked through phpinfo()
    and there are Configure Commands and unfortunatelly
    there is also '--without-pear'
    I installed everything without to many combination
    using rpm-s so now i don't really know howto
    recompile php without this option ...
    i prefer not to uninstall php and compile it
    by myself because i would have to uninstall lots
    of other stuff ..
    Does anyone know any solution for my problem ?

    Thanks in progress for helping me :)
    Regards Nichu
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    What's the output of
    yum search pear
  3. nichu

    nichu New Member

    there is quite a lot :)
    here they are (without descriptions - because there were too much signs in it :))

    [[email protected] ~]# yum search pear
    perl-Net-Telnet.noarch 3.03-4.3 core

    php-pear.noarch 1:1.4.6-2 core

    tix.i386 1:8.4.0-3.1 core

    evolution-webcal.i386 2.4.1-3.2 core

    gpm.i386 1.20.1-73.3 core

    tix-devel.i386 1:8.4.0-3.1 core

    tix-doc.i386 1:8.4.0-3.1 core

    gpm-devel.i386 1.20.1-73.3 core

    qsf.i386 enlartenment

    perl-File-Flat.noarch 0.95-3.fc5 extras

    fetchlog.i386 1.0-7.fc5 extras

    psi-icons.i386 0.10-3.fc5 extras

    xosd.i386 2.2.14-5.fc5 extras

    kdocker.i386 1.3-5.fc5 extras

    glunarclock.i386 0.32.4-5.fc5 extras

    php-pear-DB.noarch 1.7.6-4 extras

    perl-Unicode-Map.i386 0.112-7.fc5 extras

    stow.noarch 1.3.3-3.fc5 extras

    xfce4-datetime-plugin.i386 0.3.1-6.fc5 extras

    neXtaw.i386 0.15.1-8.fc5 extras

    gdeskcal.noarch 0.57.1-5.fc5 extras

    dnsmasq.i386 2.32-1.fc5 extras

    kdocker.i386 1.3-6.fc5 extras

    xwrits.i386 2.23-1.fc5 extras

    php-pear-DB.noarch 1.7.6-6.fc5 extras

    psi-icons.i386 0.10-4.fc5 extras

    xfce4-datetime-plugin.i386 0.3.1-7.fc5 extras

    xosd.i386 2.2.14-6.fc5 extras

    neXtaw.i386 0.15.1-9.fc5 extras

    xwrits.i386 2.24-1.fc5 extras

    perl-File-Flat.noarch 0.96-2.fc5 extras

    dnsmasq.i386 2.33-1.fc5 extras

    katapult.i386 extras
    Matched from:

    php-pear-MDB2.noarch 2.2.2-2.fc5 extras
    Matched from:
    PEAR::MDB2 is a merge of the PEAR::DB and Metabase php database abstraction

    php-pear-HTTP.noarch 1.4.0-7.fc5 extras
    Matched from:

    php-pear-Log.noarch 1.9.8-5.fc5.1 extras
    Matched from:

    php-pear-Benchmark.noarch 1.2.6-1.fc5 extras
    Matched from:

    php-pear-Net-Curl.noarch 1.2.3-2.fc5 extras
    Matched from:

    php-pear-Date.noarch 1.4.6-1.fc5 extras
    Matched from:

    php-pear-Validate-Finance-CreditCard.noa 0.5.2-1.fc5 extras
    Matched from:

    php-pear-Image-GraphViz.noarch 1.2.1-1.fc5 extras
    Matched from:

    php-pear-Mail.noarch 1.1.10-8.fc5 extras
    Matched from:

    php-pear-Auth-SASL.noarch 1.0.2-4.fc5 extras

    php-pear-Net-SMTP.noarch 1.2.8-5.fc5 extras
    Matched from:

    php-pear-Net-Socket.noarch 1.0.6-5.fc5 extras

    php-pear-XML-Parser.noarch 1.2.7-4.fc5 extras

    php-pear-Mail-Mime.noarch 1.3.1-8.fc5 extras

    php-pear-Payment-Process.noarch 0.6.5-1.fc5 extras

    php-pear-Validate.noarch 0.6.4-1.fc5 extras

    php-pear-Console-Table.noarch 1.0.5-2.fc5.1 extras

    php-pear-PHP-CompatInfo.noarch 1.3.2-1.fc5.1 extras

    php-pear-PHPUnit2.noarch 2.3.6-1.fc5 extras

    php-pear-Mail.noarch 1.1.13-1.fc5 extras
    Matched from:

    php-pear.noarch 1:1.4.9-1 updates

    tix.i386 1:8.4.0-6 updates

    tix-devel.i386 1:8.4.0-6 updates

    tix-doc.i386 1:8.4.0-6 updates

    evolution-webcal.i386 2.4.1-3.4 updates

    php-pear.noarch 1:1.4.9-1.2 updates

    gpm.i386 1.20.1-73.3 installed

    gpm-devel.i386 1.20.1-73.3 installed
    Matched from:

    php-pear.noarch 1:1.4.9-1.2 installed
    Matched from:

    php-pear-DB.noarch 1.7.6-6.fc5 installed
    Matched from:
  4. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    php-pear is already installed... Maybe you must activate it in your php.ini?
  5. nichu

    nichu New Member

    Thanks for responding :)

    so how to activate it in php.ini ?

    I've already have path declared:
    include_path = ".:/php/includes:/usr/share/pear";
    what should i change more?

    and it doesn't change anything - that php is compiled with --without-pear
  6. nichu

    nichu New Member

    i solved the problem - it wasn't linked with pear-db :eek:
    but it was about config.php in change_sqlpass

    for users who has similar problem you have to put:
    csp_salt_statis = 'password'
    inside :)

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