Postfix Spam Filter using Ubuntu Dapper, MailScanner, SpamAssassin, Razor, Pyzor, DCC

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  1. juro

    juro New Member

    Hi, I have been following the above mentioned howto (link) and - although I did not need a few things - have the the setup running now.
    The only problem is that I cannot get MailScanner to deliver spam-Emails to local accounts. They are simply not passed on. I can - however - have them quarantined.
    I want to deliver the emails to local accounts, as I want to filter them out by using courier-maildrop (I do not want to delete message, but store them in the user specific spam-folder) and have users access the emails via Courier-Imap.

    Any ides how I can get this running? What information would you nees to help me.

  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    What's in your mail log when this happens?
  3. juro

    juro New Member

    Never mind ... hat a stupid typo in the MailScanner.conf :rolleyes:
  4. gundestrup

    gundestrup New Member

    Dear Sir

    I have setup my server
    Mailscanner and spamassasin works, since spam messenges get the
    [spam?] header.

    But I am unable to get the program to put mail messenges with the [spam?] in my junk folder, they all end up in my inbox.

    I have followed your tourturial, and I cannon get the program to do what it's told :)

    I have even tryed to use, maildroprc.

    [email protected]:/etc# cat /etc/maildroprc
    # Global maildrop filter file

    # Uncomment this line to make maildrop default to ~/Maildir for
    # delivery- this is where courier-imap (amongst others) will look.
    if (/^X-Spam-Flag: *YES/)
    exception {
    to "$HOME/$DEFAULT/.Junk/"
    exception {
    to "$HOME/$DEFAULT"
    }[email protected]:/etc#

    Any suggestions would be helpfull

    svend gundestrup
  5. aramyegenian

    aramyegenian New Member

    Here's what I have in my /etc/maildroprc , it might be useful for you. watch the logfile for errors. fyi, it doesn't check if a Junk folder exists, because i have another script that creates the Junk folder each time a new mailbox is created. and spamassassin uses the "s" letter to designate the spam score.

    logfile "/var/log/maildroprc.log"
    log "Maildir home: $HOME"
    log "Username: $LOGNAME"
    log "Mailbox: $DEFAULT"
    log "Junk folder: $JUNK"
    # if more than 5 s letters dump it in the junk folder
    if (/.*SpamScore: sssss*/)
    log "**JUNK**"
    to "$JUNK"
    to "$DEFAULT"
  6. blackheckler

    blackheckler New Member

    just a quick question...
    I'm using this setup as a spamfilter before my Exchange Server.
    How do I set MailScanner/Spamassassin to forward quarantined spam to a specific Exchange user, i.e. [email protected].
    I've looked through the config files for MailScanner and Spamassassin, but I don't see anything that looks like it would handle this.
  7. blackheckler

    blackheckler New Member

    thanks for looking at this, but i found the setting in the MailScanner config under the "What to do with Spam" heading... duh!
  8. slapper

    slapper New Member

    hi again!:D :D

    i follow this tutorial

    Everything work perfect but when the email client program(outlook or Thunderbird) try to log on in the mail server it couldn't.I create 2-3 account and i tried all the couriers (imam,pop3,pop3s) but the same problem appears.

    As i far i can understand seems that the problem coming from Saslauthd.
    In the configuration files when i see mail_admin_password i reaplesed it with
    the passwd for mail_admin user of mysql,i think this is correct:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    any ideas??

    Thanks in advance

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  9. slapper

    slapper New Member

    finally it works!!!!! :) :)

    Its a little be tricky if you have to do with dynamic dns like
    Another think is that i finally used pop3s for my courier but the Thunderbird has the same problem ,it cannot log in:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
    With outlook 2003 everything works perfect!!!!
  10. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Any errors in mail.log and auth.log?
  11. slapper

    slapper New Member

    It works!!!:cool: :cool: , i create a test account and its ok now
    i don't now what happen..

    Probably it was my problem!!!the only thing is that each time thunderbird it ask me to accept the certificate

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