Postfix Spam Filter using Ubuntu Dapper, MailScanner and ClamAV(beta)

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by H8LinuxLOL, Jul 28, 2006.

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    i have followed everything in the tutorial but i am stuck as to wondering where the mailscanner and amavis programs are to be installed, it also references the user "amavis" but i don't see anywhere that there is some kind of a user that is created that is called "amavis" and in the last paragragh on the last page when you run the command it asks for "uid amavis" but i don't remember creating the user "amavis" and when i delete this from the command it runs correctly but with it there i get a "invalid user" error, is there a page missing before page 4 or something? any help is well appreciated
  2. H8LinuxLOL

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    wow, thankz for the answers everyone...does anyone know how to fix this?
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    This is a free forum, you can expect to get answer within ten minutes. But be assured that we read your posts and try to help you. :) If you need fast and professional support, you can contact us under (but of course, we charge for this kind of support).

    What's the output of
    grep amavis /etc/passwd
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    thx, i got it...i just followed da other link in ya howto
  5. H8LinuxLOL

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    amavis:x:106:114:AMaViS system user,,,:/var/lib/amavis:/bin/sh...

    that is what i got when i typed it, and is there a way that i can test the installation now that i have eveything installed?
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    @H8LinuxLOL - amavid-new should not install, MailScanner and Amavids-new basically do the same thing, you should not have them both on the same system.

    I will be updating the documentation this coming week, I posted it as beta becaus it was more of a post for personal reference and I didn't think it would get much attention.
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    Each tutorial on HowtoForge gets several hundred reads per day! :)
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    i got everything working right, im just re-installin everything to have mah isshh fresh...thankx for ya help, i just used the other tutorial

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