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    Hello all,

    Thanks for any help on this as I have gone round and round on this....

    First of all I was following instructions found here:

    .... to install a mailserver with dovecot on a second server (let's call it server2) on my network.
    I only have one domain = and one connection to the internet though the first server (called server1).

    server1 the following:
    hostname =
    FQDN =
    static IP =
    It hosts a webserver using port 80 and 443

    Server2 has the following:
    hostname =
    FQDN =
    static IP =
    It hosts an apache2 webserver, postfix admin and the postfix mail server with dovecot and amavis/clamav and Horde Groupware on ports 80/443 as well (creating a proxy for this)

    After installing Postfix with Dovecot + Avamis + Clamav + Postfixadmin + Horde + Apache2 with Mysql on Server2 I am able to do the following:

    access the Horde Groupwear home page and login using imp authentication
    access the PostfixAdmin page, login and create a domain/virtual mail box and alias
    telnet to port 25 using,, localhost on server2 and on any other machine on my internal network with no problem

    I get the following error messages in the /var/log/mail.log file:
    (See mail_maillog_17Apr2013.txt file)

    Below is my from /etc/postfix/
    (see postfix_main-cf_17Apr2013.txt file)

    and my from /etc/postfix/
    (see postfix_master-cf_17Apr2013.txt file)

    Thanks for any help! I feel as if I am ***ALMOST THERE ******

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