Postfix Smarthost not relaying mail to Exchange for one user

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Severian23, Sep 14, 2009.

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    Good morning,

    I have a RHEL 4.5 with Postfix 2.2.10 configured as a smart host for an Exchange 2003 server. Its been running well for three years like this.

    We have some users that are configured with alternate SMTP addresses for a secondary email domain in Exchange. One user is not getting his email for the secondary SMTP. All the others are.

    After some digging, the maillog indicates Postfix is not relaying his email to Exchange but instead to the Postfix local mail folder under /var/spool/mail.

    What in the configuration would cause this? His email is in the relay_recipients file as the others are.


  2. Severian23

    Severian23 New Member

    Needed to Add Secondary Email Domain to transport file

    OK, I figured it out. I'm not sure why it was working at all for the other users, but I added the secondary email domain to the transport file under /etc/postfix, and it works now.

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