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    I 'm using ispcofig as an internal mail server( and wan to run another ispconfig as an external mail server ( on Internet.75% of my users should only work internally(no external mail) but the rest of users (25%)should be able to send mail to external network! These users have the same username on I use smtp_generic_maps to map int username of these users to ext. one.
    For eg. All email send by [email protected] map to [email protected]. So anyone got these mails can reply them.
    I know that getmail is the tools that can get mails from users external mailbox and put them into int. mailbox.

    1. I have a root access to ext mail server. But do not know my ext user password!. How can I use getmail to move ext mail to internal one?!
    2. What is your idea about syncing users password in internal/external mail server?! I think its needed for getmail!
    3. How can I restrict my internal users to send mail only internally!?

    Sorry for my long post!


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