Postfix Rleay access denied on a Copy Of.. multiserver member server

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    Hi everyone,

    I have deployed a mixed distro ISPConfig 3 multi-server setup with servers in the Netherlands (CentOS+Apache+Dovecot according to the howto) and the UK (Debian+nginx+dovecot), the UK clients do offer all functions, (mail, web sites dbs...) and ispuk2 -- is copy of -- ispuk1; I'm using this setup for email server redundancy and failover with /var/vmail mounted over the network to keep mailboxes in sync.

    Synptoms are: in the netherlands machines I have isp2 and isp4 as email servers setup as I mentioned above and it works flawlesly but Since last week after I created an email domain in the ispuk1 server let's say and created a mialbox [email protected] and make my MX records point to ispuk1 and ispuk both with Priority 10; ispuk1 receives the email just fine, but when it falls back to ispuk2 I get "Relay access denied" or " loops back to myself"

    My best guess is that the dbispconfig database is not syncing, even though I tried the Tools > Resync option with no luck.

    Possible solution:

    I'm thinking of trying any of the following:

    1. Copy the mysql_virtual_*.cf postfix files from ispuk1 to ispuk2 anc change them accordingly

    2. Copy the dbispconfig DB from ispuk1 to ispuk2 and see if it fixes the problem.

    What I don't want is to screw up the system as it's a production *working* heavy load environment.

    If I'm doing anything wrong can you please point me in the right direction, or share a link if I made a mistake and this has already been answered.

    Thanks in advance.

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