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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Traced, Dec 17, 2013.

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    Hello Everyone! Nice site, love the forum, been lurking on/off for a while now.

    Anyhoo, I had a Postfix question. I have a CentOS box that, among many things, relays email to a Office 365 box. This works fine, is setup properly, the relayhost is set, and all authentication runs beautifully.

    What I want to try and do is relay other email through this server, but I am a n00b and my Google searches seem to be going in circles. If, at this point, I direct email through it that goes to say, Yahoo, the mail log gives me a bounce back due to the fact the relayhost is immediately directing the mail to go to the office 365 server. If I hash tag out the relayhost with the 365 info, all mail is delivered to their proper destinations, but then the 365 emails no longer get through.

    Through the postfix guide I see the transport file ( seems to do what I want, but perhaps I am configuring it wrong. What I want is any emails that go through the relay to be sent directly to their destination, EXCEPT for the domain on my 365 account, which those emails would then use the defined relayhost and its authentication. Is this possible? Is the transport file the place for this, and if so, what is the correct syntax?

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