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  1. robrox

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    Hi, new to this world and after trying to setup a mailserver from loads of howtos I decided to start all over and follow the brilliant guide; found here. Thanks for writing this! Great work! :)

    Everything went perfect and I didnt have any trouble at all during the journey. Its just the small problem that I cant recieve any mails at all. Sending mails and all other functions seems to be just fine. I found this in the log and suspect that this may be the cause;

    postfix/virtual[10639]: warning: check_dir_size: cannot open directory: /home/vmail/domain/info/
    postfix/virtual[10639]: warning: maildir access problem for UID/GID=5000/5000: create maildir file /home/vmail/domain/info/tmp/1390329492.P10639.rob: Permission denied
    postfix/virtual[10639]: warning: perhaps you need to create the maildirs in advance
    I guess there might be a simple (?) solution to this problem but being way too fresh on the OS setting a permission can be a weeks work! ;)

    The directory "info" (which is also the user; [email protected]) exists and has data in it. Any hints would be much appreciated. And ofcourse the root cause may be elsewhere, let me know if I can supply more details!
  2. robrox

    robrox New Member

    Sending mail with mailx works fine as well with the mail ending up in the recipients mailbox. It seems like its only inbound internet mails that doesnt end up in the mailbox.

    The permission for the tmp dir is;
    drwxr-xr-x 2 vmail vmail 4096 Jan 22 10:34 tmp
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  3. florian030

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    Check the permissions for /home/vmail. This directory and all ohter dirs and files must be owned by vmail.vmail.

    If something is wrong with the permissions, you can set then with chown -R vmail.vmail /home/vmail
  4. robrox

    robrox New Member

    Thanks for your reply! After going through just about everything during the night I found a typo in my MX record and after correcting that I seem to get mail just fine!

    I do however not understand how that can generate this error in the logfiles :confused:

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