postfix installation problem! please help!

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by pier17, Jan 9, 2007.

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  2. martinfst

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    You can only stop postfix after you installed it. I assume you're building a new server, so go ahead with commands like
    cd postfix
    make configure
    make install
    or something. Hope you're using a howto. If not, it would be much easier to use
    apt-get install postfix
  3. pier17

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    Thank you so much for your quick help..

    I am already following the installation in howto..but I have always problems..I am not very good at linux but I am trying to install SMTP gateway in the DMZ and it is gonna forward all the mails to exchange server in internal network..

    I am wondering that should I join smtp gw server to the domain or not??

  4. martinfst

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    Not sure what you're trying to say. Which howto do you use? Your smtp gateway should be reachable for external servers, so I guess I should say yes that it should be in you DNS configuration for your domain. But on the other hand there are many more options ..... But let's try to stick to a howto, otherwise it might become very complicated and I don't have all the answer that might popup:confused:

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