Postfix inconsistently keep mail when forwarding

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by ca_mongrel, May 4, 2009.

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    I installed SuSE 11.1 as a Perfect Server using your instructions, and installed ISPConfig 2.x as well. I used ISPConfig to set up 1 user account (larry), with Postfix forwading the user's mail to another mail server (.forward file was created). I eventually uninstalled ISPConfig. I kept the user account as installed. The problem is that my user account (larry) stops keeping a local copy of incoming mail after a day. Mail comes in, is forwarded, then removed. If I reload Postfix, the mail is forwarded, and a copy is kept that can be accessed with a mail client not on the server. The next day, mail is forwarded, then removed; there is no mail for the other mail client to get from the user account on the Perfect Server. If I reload Postfix, everything is ok for a day (mail is forwarded and kept). Then, later, mail is again forwarded and removed.

    The user account is in /srv/www/web3/user/larr, as set up by ISPConfig (which is no longer on the machine; it was removed with the uninstall script).

    I'm stumped.
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    It was not a good idea to uninstall ispconfig before you removed all existing email accounts, now there are several email processing scripts missing which may cause various problems as you see on your setup.
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    Uninstalling ISPConfig mistake

    Thank you for your reply. Yes, I now know that was a mistake. The first problem I needed to fix after I uninstalled ISPConfig was to stop Postfix from sending 1,000's of "Undeliverable Mail" messages to my forward account due to the fact that mail account "admispconfig" no longer existed, and the mail count script was attempting to send the mail count to that nonexistent account (~ 32,000 message needed to be deleted in one instance). Is there any document listing all of the places in Postfix that I need to fix/modify, or should I just uninstall (delete) Postfix and start over? I have no idea what was done to Postfix by ISPConfig, and it would be nice to know. BTW, if the ISPConfig documentation noted that all accounts must be deleted in ISPConfig before uninstalling, I missed that...

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