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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by asus, Jul 25, 2010.

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    OK I have a debian ispconfig3 setup. Everything works fine. My ISP is rogers and blocks port 25 so I have to relay through rogers server. Well any email address I setup I have to add to my rogers email account which is restricted to 8 email's. My server is growing and would like to add more accounts. Is there a way I can route all outgoing emails through one address like [email protected]
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  2. asus

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    Maybe I should shed some more light on this. This used to be done auto on ispconfig2 when ever i sent email through a website (phpmail etc...)it would send through www-data and all email would return to there respective mail dir. I know that everything is virtual and sql on ispconfig3 can this still be done?

    Pretty much I want all out going mail to go through one main address but show the virtual names and on reply it goes to those mail directories.
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    You may use postfix generic maps (


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