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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by kongi123, Apr 23, 2010.

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    I am new to PostFix. I would like to have PostFix (SMTP) forward/redirect "all" sent emails to another fixed desired address (such as [email protected]) and most important field headers don't change (e.g. to cc bcc from subject...)

    This is my example code:

    1 /etc/postfix/
    2 virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual
    4 /etc/postfix/virtual:
    5 * [email protected]

    I think the problem may be at Line 5 where I don't know which syntax can represent "all emails". I use *(star), but it seems not working. Thanks.
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    Many thanks for you all above. It sounds good, however, what I need is that I don't want emails sent to the recipients directly, but sent to admin only (and then admin will consider and forward once approved). Auto_bcc will bcc to admin, but others in To: list will also see.

    Sorry I didn't give a clear question :)
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    I tried to post a reply yesterday, but it didn't show up, not sure why.

    I think you should try this code in your virtual file

    (.*) [email protected]
    See, the file uses regular expressions, and * matches 0 or one of the previous characters, and . matches any character. So that is your wildcard, (.*)

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    Many thanks again, RogueCoder. It now almost works. Besides adding your code in virtual file, I have to define virtual_alias_domains in, right? The problem is that I don't know the value to be used in virtual_alias_domains for "any domain". This is my code:

    virtual_alias_domains = (.*) <--- The problem is in this line, I think- It is not working
    virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual

    (.*) [email protected]

    Otherwise, it should work. However, I just predict a further problem. If a sender uses "bcc:" and then the email is sent to admin, as configed. Can the admin see the email list in bcc field? How can the admin see it? Thanks.
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    I'm probably wrong, but you may be able to see bcc info in the header's of the email received by the admin. Ive always hated bcc, its shady imo.
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    Our forum spamfilter plugin thought that post was spam and put it into the moderation queue - I had to approve it. Sorry about that... :eek:

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