Postfix fails to start: virtual_mailbox_limit_maps

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by tahunasky, May 10, 2013.

  1. tahunasky

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    I am using ispconfig 13.04/Postfix/dovecot and i am getting the following error when postfix is trying to start.

    If i comment out/delete $virtual_mailbox_limit_maps from /etc/postfix/ everything works fine.

    proxy_read_maps = $local_recipient_maps $mydestination $virtual_alias_maps $virtual_alias_domains $virtual_mailbox_maps $virtual_mailbox_domains $relay_recipient_maps $relay_domains $canonical_maps $sender_canonical_maps $recipient_canonical_maps $relocated_maps $transport_maps $mynetworks $virtual_mailbox_limit_maps

    Will this cause any problems ?

    I also notices in the perfect server howto guide ( that it has this error when installing ispconfig:

    postconf: warning: /etc/postfix/ undefined parameter: virtual_mailbox_limit_maps
    /usr/sbin/postconf: warning: /etc/postfix/ undefined parameter: virtual_mailbox_limit_maps
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  2. ryal001

    ryal001 New Member

    Typo in /etc/postfix/

    I know this reply is late, but other people may search for it (I did).

    The cause of the problem seems to be a typo in /etc/postfix/ If you edit this file you'll see the following on about line 60:

    proxy_read_maps = $local_recipient_maps $mydestination $virtual_alias_maps $virtual_alias_domains $virtual_mailbox_maps $virtual_mailbox_domains $relay_recipient_maps $relay_domains $canonical_maps $sender_canonical_maps $recipient_canonical_maps $relocated_maps $transport_maps $mynetworks [COLOR="Red"]$virtual_mailbox_limit_maps[/COLOR]
    There is an extra word "limit" in "$virtual_mailbox_limit_maps". Change this to "$virtual_mailbox_maps":

    proxy_read_maps = $local_recipient_maps $mydestination $virtual_alias_maps $virtual_alias_domains $virtual_mailbox_maps $virtual_mailbox_domains $relay_recipient_maps $relay_domains $canonical_maps $sender_canonical_maps $recipient_canonical_maps $relocated_maps $transport_maps $mynetworks [COLOR="red"]$virtual_mailbox_maps[/COLOR]
    The restart Postfix:

    /etc/init.d/postfix restart
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  3. jmelton98

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    undefined parameter: virtual_mailbox_limit_maps

    I don't think removing 'limit' is actually a fix because you now have $virtual_mailbox_maps it in there twice:

    proxy_read_maps = $local_recipient_maps $mydestination $virtual_alias_maps $virtual_alias_domains [COLOR="Red"]$virtual_mailbox_maps[/COLOR] $virtual_mailbox_domains $relay_recipient_maps $relay_domains $canonical_maps $sender_canonical_maps $recipient_canonical_maps $relocated_maps $transport_maps $mynetworks [COLOR="Red"]$virtual_mailbox_maps[/COLOR]
    Maybe we can get one of the ISPConfig devs to reply. ;)
  4. ryal001

    ryal001 New Member

    You're right, I didn't notice the term was there earlier in the list. It does make the error go away, in the same way as the original poster achieved by deleting the whole word, but it doesn’t address what the problem actually is (and may cause other problems).

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