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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by MattJo., Jun 6, 2010.

  1. MattJo.

    MattJo. New Member

    So after installing ISPConfig 3 and getting it fully running on a single disk I moved to a RAID1 setup. For whatever reason the Ubuntu installer now prompts for the postfix config during install and it affects the setup later on in the ISPConfig install. I don't remember it doing this on the single disk install and the ISPConfig instructions don't mention this either. At any rate I think this affecting the ability of the server to receive e-mail's or send them via a client.

    any thoughts?


  2. till

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    It should be fine if you select the defaults in the postfix debian installer (its "internet site") if I remember correctly. The ispconfig installer will do the postfix configuration later when you install ispconfig.
  3. MattJo.

    MattJo. New Member


    I fought with the install--the RAID1 config was causing all sorts of fun--and my ham-fisted router config didn't help either (i mistyped the internal ip for port 25 for port forwarding). At any rate I ended up doing exactly what you suggest and once the dust settled everything worked.

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