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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by MyroLM, Jun 15, 2011.

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    I have one problem here which I need to solve. I have Debian + Postfix + Dovecot perfect server setup without Spamassassin and amavis + ASSP + ISPConfig3 installed and when I set that I want to recieve Delivery status notification from my server it appears that DSN is sent only for local domains. When I send mail from other than local domain, I dont recieve eny DSN (Sucesfully delivered via dovecot service...)

    Can someone help me how to setup Postfix to send DSN to all domains, not only local?

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    Why didn't you just follow one of the "Perfect Server" setups to set up your system? If you use your own setup, chances are high that something will not work...

    Did you check your mail log?
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    Using perfect server setups is fine, but my clients dont accept squirrelmail as a webmail, spamassassin as an antispam solution, IP/phpmyadmin link for phpmyadmin and the other things... you know, design, administration, security, hackers attacks on IP/phpmyadmin links...

    so that is why i am using roundcube webmail, ASSP, mod_security... i my setups. The only thing that is not working is DSN, but it looks like I have to learn to live without it, I do not have time to examine the whole system few hours to set it up.

    I was trying to find some help with that if someone else has a solution. I has to be somewhere in postfix config...

    There is nothing special in logs, no errors, not even warnings, looks like normal.

    thanks anyway.
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