Postfix + Dovecot + SASL: first systemusers then virtual

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    Hi, i'm having problems with postfix and dovecot setup. I want it to work like this:

    1. postfix/dovecot checks if a specific system user exsts
    2. ok: systemuser exists - mail is delivered to ~/Maildir
    3. fail: systemuser doesn't exists - check if it's a virtual user
    4. ok: virtualuser exists - mail is delivered to /home/vmail/<domain>/<user> (format: Maildir)
    5. fail: it's not a systemuser or virtualuser - return 550 error

    And i don't know how exacly configure postfix and dovecot as a LDA... I think further configuration to use Amavis and Spamassassin shouldn't hard but now i'm stuck on postfix and dovecot.
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