Postfix/Dovecot ++ mail server. Can send mail but not receive mail

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by rajohan, Dec 23, 2017.

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    Some back story
    I have the 3 last days struggled hard to try to get a mail server up and run. After first trying to get it up on a server with blocked ports I decided yesterday after several reinstalls to transfer my server over to so I dont have the struggels with blocked ports.
    I finally have a mail server up and running with Postfix, Dovecot, SpamAssassin, ClamAV, Sieve and Roundcube. And even tho my server dont have blocked ports I'm running all mail through with a SMTP Outbound Relay and Email Store/Forward for the extra security layer and storing/backup if my server for some reason should be unavailable.

    The Problem
    Now to the problem, I can't recive any mail for some reason. But I can send mail just fine from the terminal, roundcube and from my iphone and it gets to the reciver without any problems.
    When I check the logs dynu acctualy try's to deliver but something are failing along the way as this is what the log contains after a delivery request

    Dec 23 12:44:17 rajohan postfix/smtpd[22192]: connect from[ip address]
    Dec 23 12:44:18 rajohan postfix/smtpd[22192]: lost connection after UNKNOWN from[ip address]
    Dec 23 12:44:18 rajohan postfix/smtpd[22192]: disconnect from[ip address] unknown=0/1 commands=0/1
    I would be really grateful if someone could take a look at my master, main and dovecot config's and see if they can see why. I'm by no means a linux expert, in fact I just started toying with linux about 1 month ago and are now feeling quite lost on what to do.

    My master.cfg:
    My main.cfg:
    My dovecot.cfg

    And here are some of my DNS settings

    1. MX record 1 and 2 is applied to
    2. has a A record to the server ip
    3. has a A record to the server ip
    4. Reverse DNS is applied to (not sure if this should be applied to and not
    5. DKIM is applied to
    6. SPF is applied to

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