Postfix/Dovecot Allows UserAccounts to send w/o Passowrd

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Nap, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Nap

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    I'm finishing the setup of my mail server and want to force all sent mail to be authenicated beforehand.

    I've setup my Outlook to send/recieve mail form an account I created in ISPConfig. In order to download mail, my server checks the password I supplied. However, I can send mail from Outlook on that account even when I supply the wrong password.
    How/where (link is fine) do I configure a password/authentication check before sending?


    (Possible to fix spelling mistake in Thread Title? Passowrd => Password
  2. Nap

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    Falco's Post explains what's going on.

    That fixes non-local mail. But where there are multiple domains co-located on a single server, this can be a big problem.
    Is it possible to stop//manage un-authenticated local mail?

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