Postfix: Delivery to Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and Throttle management

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    Hi All,

    Please do help me with the below issue. I have installed postfix on my server which is a dedicated one connected to a 100Mbit pipe in a datacenter. I have also setup SPF, DKIM and domain keys with postfix. We have a centralized application server, which sends mails upto the tune of a million a day using pearmail. It used to work fine for 5 days, then my ips started getting blacklisted. Then I joined all the FBL and white list programs. After that i asked all the email ISPs to delist me from their blacklist. Which was done. But not far, only after 2 days again my IP got blacklisted. I went through many forums and i was advised to control the rate limit which was exceeding. Also in the errors i found that every time my reputation is also going down, though I am not a spammer or my company. So I realized that my postfix must be wrongly configured and that is the reason I am getting blacklisted or delivery to yahoo, gmail and hotmail are not happening normally. Sometimes I getting bounce from gmail saying that the user doesn't exist. And sometimes I get the "too many errors after RCPT from" error. In our application we also read all the bounce mails and depending on soft bounce or hard bounce we do not send mail to them again. Even after taking all the precautions I m still being ignored by Yahoo, gmail and other mail programs. Below I am posting my and for your information. Please suggest the necessary changes for my configurations for smooth delivery to yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc.

    Please do suggest any kind of changes or tips for the above configuration. Do let me know if you need any further information for the same purpose.

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