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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by asyadiqin, Nov 13, 2006.

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    I've installed Fedora Core 5 using the FC5 perfect guide found in this site and ISPConfig on my server. As far as I know, everything works fine.

    However, I have issues with the way Postfix works on my server. I will try to explain what I needed on the server.

    I wanted Postfix to be the SMTP server to several domains, either hosted on this machine or another machine, which is on the same IP range, eg. 89.107.17.*

    My first problem is that when sending email out, Postfix is using the sending domain to identify itself and not the FQDN hostname of the server. This have somehow caused the server IP to be blacklisted by CBL.

    My questions are :-

    1. How do I configure Postfix to use the FQDN hostname of the server to identify itself for all outgoing emails, ie.
    2. Allow Postfix to accept and relay emails from specific IP range, eg. 89.107.17.* or from a file containing a list of domains (Pls include the format to use in the file)
    3. Allow email users to send emails using the server by authenthication, eg. pop-before-auth, etc...

    I am not really good with Postfix, so please include as much details as possible. Thanks for any help posted on this thread.
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    1) Please do not double post:

    2) You my specify that in the following variable in Example:

    mynetworks =

    But be careful that you dont open your server for relaying. I guess you do not own the complete 89.107.17.* subnet?

    3) Today pop before smtp is normally not used anymore. Use SMTP-Auth instead. If you followed one of the perfects etup howtos, smtp-auth is already configured on your server.

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