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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by ARMac, May 20, 2007.

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    I followed the instructions of perfect installation installing postfix on ubuntu server 6.06 dapper drake. ( ) everything setted up nicely. I have shell, web, ftp and mail server working.
    Since ubuntu installation doesen't include "mailx" i did install of pine. Now if postfix is configured to use procmail to deliver local mail, my users can receive their mail in pine, however if they set some email client on another computer (e.g. Outlook express) they connect fine on my server and can send mail using smtp but won't receive any. pop3 connection isn't returning any error, it's just like their mailbox is empty.
    If i set postfix not to use procmail to deliver local mail, users that use outlook can send and receive their mail fine, but users using shell wont receive any.

    Is there any way i can set things up so shell users can read their mail in pine and other to use clients on other computers?
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    The perfects etup uses courier as pop3 / imap server. Courier is using maildir format which is generally better then the old mbox format. Your problem is that mbox format is needed for pine while maildir format is needed by courier.

    Either you use install another pop3 / imap daemon for mbox or you use a maildir capable email client on the shell. I'am not familar with pine, maybe pine is already able to read maildirs and you just have to configure it to read the maildir.

    Have you considered to use a webmail pacakge instaed aof a shell mail reader? Most poeple will find it more comfortable then reading emails on the shell.
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    Thanks for your reply. I think i will try to find some shell client that can read maildir (don't think pine can do it but will double check that) can you suggest any?

    Can't use webmail package since i have intranet users that don't have access to internet outside the shell.
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    I sorted the problem out using Mutt, however mutt doesen't come setted up for maildir right out the box so you need to change the settings a bit. For anyone that ever needs something like this here is the mini how-to i used to set Mutt for maildir.

    till, thanks for pointing the right way for me. Cheers.

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