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    Okay, i'm used to windows showing step by step. now I love linux.i'm using GUI "gnome" in fedora 8. I used some command line instructions but I think i didnt replace some of the names with my own setup. such as my domain,my server,named,my network,etc. So now I need help with setup of my postfix and email.
    with command line illustrations please.

    Or reference to where to replace description with My own setup in the "how to" instructions.
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  3. claybv

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    ispconfig install

    okay, got it.

    Now i'm trying to install ispconfig. I need to know why its not installing. what directory do I put ispconfig,do I rename "install folder". am I missing a step to get ispconfig folder started. when I run setup nothing happens and folders and directions are NOT matching up now when I use FALKO's how to setup for server now?:confused:

    is there a thread that might help me?
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    You can install ISPConfig from any directory except /root/ispconfig and /home/admispconfig (but the installer tells you if you are in one of these directories).
    For example, you can download ISPConfig to /tmp, unpack it, and then do this:
    cd install_ispconfig
    Also take a look here:
  5. claybv

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    further down line now

    I got further on install/setup now.
    just didn't get to end and it cancelled ,didnt like something towards end of install.
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