postfix 2.5 - local and remote recipients

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by rumak18, Dec 3, 2010.

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    i'm running postfix on a SLES11 Server. Now i'm trying to send a mail through the postfix server with a VB Script. I have a eml and send this eml with the vb script so the sender and recipient are implemented... BUT postfix sends the mail to the internet (external address) which shouldn't be, because the external address is in the "SMTP FROM" header.

    So the question is, if postfix takes the addresses as basis or the "mynetworks" settings for deciding in which direction emails should be send. Can anyone tell? Because in this situation, postfix shouldn't send the mail to the "relayhost" but to the mailboxes.
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    Hi ,

    i've found the solution for my problem. The reason for this was a SMTP header called "X-delivered to" which had an entry, because this mail was once delivered by postfix to a mailbox. That's it!

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