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    Just wondering out loud, as it seems to me at least that ISPConfig devs (@till @Croy) are working to incorporate quite a few merge requests into the upcoming 3.1.16 release, I note that I have several merge requests (probably not making it to 3.1.16) that will have conflicts with themselves (changing same files), so of course a bit of work to do after any one of them would be merged - once 3.1.16 is out (soon), and actually following any significant release, how about shooting for incorporating as many merge requests as possible/feasible for a time period, so things "shake up" quite a bit at first, then have a period for things to settle down more and test/stablize, then release? It could even go as far as having a feature freeze at a point and only allow bugfixes, but even just an informal "ok, release is out, open the gates" approach to focus on bringing stuff in might be good to consider? Or maybe that's a terrible time for dev resources, cause you're updating tutorials and stuff....
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    Actually if you have an ISPConfig account in gitlab I think you can lead this attempt, if gitlab is something like github that is. I mean you create a trial release then let anybody who wish to test their proposal submit to your trial release. You create several trial release version from alpha, beta and rc. You will need to follow up by recreating new one each time a new stable is released, which I think quite easy to catch up since it is not that fast.

    I now testing my own MR like what I mentioned in my thread i.e.:
    mkdir -p ispctest
    cd ispctest
    wget -O ISPConfig-3-stable.tar.gz
    tar xfz ISPConfig-3-stable.tar.gz
    cd ispconfig*/install
    * where patch-3 could be renamed as your trial release.
  3. till

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    We try to get as much as possible from the pending merge requests into 3.1.16 as you already noted, as this might bring some instabilities into the core, I've planned to make a beta phase this time and during beta phase, I will merge only bugfixes. When 3.1.16 has been released, then larger merge requests are merged again. So we basically work already in a 2 phase model and did that in the past.
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    sorry. don't want to hijack this thread or anything, but since it looks from this thread like new stuff is still being put into 3.1.16, does this mean there's still going to be quite a lengthy wait before we see a release that officially supports ubuntu 20.04?
  5. till

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