Possible to add php memory limit and process manager per limit-templates

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    Before requesting or posting on Feature request on git i want to ask here if this is possible to do it or someone already have a solution.

    So is it possible in limit-templates for clients and resellers to add an option for php memory limits and process manager ? So the clients with higher templates have more memory to use for their websites, but i would also like to limit those who could abuse the system and use too much resources.

    The process manager field to be added to limits template so when i am selecting the template for the client it will apply on all of his websites created.
    Currently there is an option for that on the website options tab and will have to be selected on every website created.

    Second php memory limit to work same as web quota or traffic quota limit. If the option can be added to the limit-templates so i can assign max memory use, for example 1GB, and then when user create the website, he can choose to assign 256MB to one website, 512MB to other website and so on.

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