possible kolab integration

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by caradeporra, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. caradeporra

    caradeporra New Member

    would it be possible to integrate kolab groupware with ispconfig? anybody know of a how to on this? how hard/simple it would be. has anyone had success with it?
  2. yurtboy1

    yurtboy1 New Member


    egroupware kind of works
    horde is easy to install but no docs on making it a real groupware that I could see. Great email/calendar/address book app.
    could run citadel in vmware?
    zimbra too?
  3. IGnatius T Foobar

    IGnatius T Foobar New Member

    Citadel in vmware

    Yes. Not only can you run Citadel in VMware, but the Citadel download site even offers a pre-built server appliance that you can download. Just point your VMware player at it and go. It couldn't be easier.


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