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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Stown, Jul 19, 2009.

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    I have a centOS 5.3 server and i run the latest ispconfig version an update it weekly with the new svn updates.

    Possible ispconfig bugs and ideas
    1. ispconfig cron logs dont have dates in the log file, this is quit annoying.
    2. The websites are not able to reach through ip~name. like www.s-projects.nl is username svde and could be
    3. If i make a ftp account and i use it, i come in the /var/www/<domain>/ directory, but i have no rights in this directory! I have only rights in the ../web/ directory! Why is it so made then?
    4. The language cp system to change the language files is not working.
    5. I tried to test the getmail functions for sending my gmail emails to my email server account. i got errors. Are you sure this function works?
    5. Subdomains don't work, when i set them up in my ispconfig there go's something wrong in the background i think.
    6. When i start httpd then i get HTTP vertual hosts errors, maybe this has something to do that i have setup 3 ip's in my ispconfig interface.

    Maybe i can help you with this foundings :)
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    1,2) Feel free to post this as feature request in the bugtracker.
    3) Nescessary for chrooting and the user shall not be able to upload things to thsi directory.
    4,5,6) Works for me in the current SVN version. There might have been bugs in the current stable version, for details see the bugtracker.
    6) This is normal and happens if one of the IP addresses is not used yet for a vhots.

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