possible bug - "add new record" VEID vs. CTID

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by eko_taas, Oct 7, 2012.

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    Bases: Running Squeeze, ISPConfig Version:, OpenVZ... Build it on by combining instr. of

    When creating new vserver-containers (in ISPconfig):
    1. "VServer" / "add new record"
    2. added missing data to "Virtual Server"-sheet
    3. Moved to "advanced"
    4. Changed VEID (from pre-filled 101 to 15101) (for xxx.xx.15.101

    on terminal as root "vzlist -a" and can see that "CTID ... 101 ...", all other data correct :confused:

    Next vserver:
    1 - 3 same as above
    4. Changed VEID (from pre-filled 15102 to 16101)
    Now "vzlist -a" => "CTID ... 15101..."

    Modifications and deletion of Vservers don't not work now eather (on these records), as VEID and CTID does not match. If changed back e.g. 1001 to 101, mods OK). "vzctl stop xxx & vzctl destroy xxx" were also useful....

    I can live with this by having non-running dummy-vserver, on which I change VEID beforebut took 2 days for me to figure out why things.

    Should selection of VEID to be on 1st sheet as creation happens already when going to "advanced"? Also it should not be possible to edit in future...

    Keep pushing :)
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  2. till

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    The veid field in ispconfig shall be ditable, this is used in the case that you manually altered config files and locations of a vm on the shell. If it would not be editable, ispconfig would loose the ability of your manually changed vm.

    Your problem was caused that you edited the veid in ispconfig but you havent moved or changed the vm on the shell before, you basically you disconnected ispconfiog from the vm. So you shouzld never change the veid of a vm if you havenet altered the vm on the shell.
  3. eko_taas

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    As I proposed before, VEID could be on 1st sheet only. Then admin could change pre-selected VEID before contained will be generated (to user desired #). And edit would be still possible, so no lost of flexibility...

    Can live with this, even if don't like it :D

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