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Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by Edek7, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Edek7

    Edek7 New Member

    Hello, I translated ISPConfig 3 to the PL language and I want to know is there possibility to add it to installation package of ISPConfig. If there is any way to do that and you want to check how it looks and want the language files just send me and e-mail or post here.
  2. till

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    Thank you for translating ISPConfig! Please export the language file with the export function of the ispconfig language editorand then send me the exported file by email to dev [at] ispconfig [dot] org.
  3. Edek7

    Edek7 New Member

    Thank you for reply on my post. I sent a message on e-mail. I hope you`ll help me with making a complete translation of ISPConfig3.
  4. Edek7

    Edek7 New Member

    Hello, today I did more changes and i translated nearly all things in theme of ISPconfig 3.1.4 version. You can see it on screenshoot.All tabs are translated. I`m affraid that another update will overwrite my translation. Could you include translated theme to standard installation package ? Or give me idea how to keep it without making again this work ?

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  5. eryk

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    Hi Edek,

    Can you export and send it to me, please :)

    eryk [attt] ruszow.pl
  6. Leszek

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    I'll be happy to help translating or even starting from scratch as I did with ISPConfig 2 and ISPCP Omega.
    You can send me a pm with the info where it could be downloaded if You want and I'll get on it in free time. Soon I'll also start translating CPanel (time! time! time!).
  7. Edek7

    Edek7 New Member

    A language file

    Simply download lang file here.

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