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Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by Anupama, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. Anupama

    Anupama New Member

    I have downloaded centos release 5.3 and installed it in my pc but it is asking for login id and password please help. i have tried with admin but its not working
  2. rjamesd

    rjamesd New Member

    During the install, did it ask you to set up a user account with a login id and password?

    Never tried CentOS but I know that other Linux distributions such as Debian and Ubuntu offer to set up accounts during the install.

    If you set up an account during your install of CentOS, try to remember what this was.

    The fact that you can't log in probably means that you couldn't save any valuable data on the machine. So if that is the case I would suggest doing the install again and noting what login id and password for accounts set up during the install.

    It's good practice to make notes about your installation.

    Useful resources such as official website and support is just a google search away, with a support forum that hopefully has postings with more meaningful titles to help you than your own 'PLease help' title here. :)

    Give it a go!

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