please help me urgently

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by mahmodsob, Sep 14, 2012.

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    please help me urgently

    I’m trying to configure my private web server, I want to have the ability of hosting various of domains for our clients

    so I have get the following :
    1- one Static IP from our ISP in Egypt
    2- one PC ( dell workstation 690 )
    3- domain name ( registered at )(

    then I have done the following :
    1- installed Ubuntu 12.04 , and configured my server
    2- enabled the ports on the router
    3- installed the virtual server to host sites as illustrated in these link
    4- I have tested my static IP and it’s directed my to the actual default page
    5- I have tested successfully the ISPConfig ( the host manager ) and it’s also working successfully
    6- I have created my DNS ns1 , ns2 , on via ( as illustrated in these link
    7- I have connected the ISPconfig (host manager) with the domain and added the A , MX , CNET records to the ISPConfig as illustrated in these link
    8- I have loged in my ISPconfig and created my first webpage and connect it to my domain
    9- I have waited 48 hour

    the problem now , that it’s not working till now

    please help me if I made something wrong

    I’m waiting your help urgently
  2. falko

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    Did you register your name servers at your registrar and changed the nameservers of your domain to your own ones?

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