please help a newbie set up mail on isp config

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by sliknik, Sep 21, 2009.

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    I am a newbie to setting up servers. We have managed to host a number of sites on our server but have not been able to set up the email facilities.

    We want to be able to host our clients email providing both web based and pop3 email accounts.

    Is there any one who could help walk me through the correct configuration of this?

    On the email tab of the isp config facility i have the following settings for an email account:

    domain - ( the mx record is pointing to the server correctly)

    email mailbox - [email protected]

    when i go to when i try to login it wont recognise the details says ERR

    server settings for mail are:

    module - postfix_mysql
    maildir path - /var/vmail/[domain]/[localpart]
    Homedir path - /var/vmail
    mailuser UID - 5000
    mailuser GID - 5000
    mailuser name - vmail
    mailuser group - vmail
    relayhost - blank
    relayhost user - blank
    relayhost password - blank
    mailbox size limit - 20000
    message size limit - 20000

    if any one can help i would really appreciate it

    many thanks

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