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    I am not a computer whiz but I am computer literate I have Alwyas used Windows since I can remember. I recently figured out how to install Yellow Dog on my ps3 as a os...all of the forums and instructions I found were fabulous. Now my next problem is that I need to install adobe flashplayer 9 and I cant seem to find instructions anywhere I understand. and I am so unfamiliar with Linux and how it works I dont know which version to download(There is 3 of them is a YUM version) and then when I do download I dont understand how to install. I navigated my way around and figured out what the "terminal" was but I dont even know how to use it or even as a root user for that matter :confused:it automatically signs me in as my username. If someone has the time and could give me a step by step I am sure i could figure it out please help it would be much appreciated
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    To get to root user,
    open a terminal session then enter in

    you will be prompted for the root's password.

    from there you should be able to do a yum installation if there is one available. Is the file for Flash a bin or an rpm?

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