phpPgAdmin 5.0.3 package available for ISPConfig 2.2.40

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    I created a new package for phpPgAdmin.
    A version of this package is based on phpPgAdmin 5.0.3 release date 03-10-2011.
    The download link is:

    Please test carefully. I am not responsible for damage to the system.
    But this package worked normally in my ispconfig 2.2.40.
    Please post your installation results.
    If all goes well I will continue to update this package.

    Note: In Debian GNU / Linux is important: you have installed postgresql and postgresql-server-dev-XX

    So you should do:
    1) Download the ISPConfig installer tar.gz and unpack it.
    2) cd istall_ispconfig / compile_aps
    3) Edit the script "compile" in the folder and add the compile_aps
    --with-pgsql configure PHP Directive in the statement

    Ex:. ... --without-pear --with-mcrypt = $ {INSTALL_ROOT} / libmcrypt --with-pgsql | | error "Could not configure PHP"

    4) cd
    5) Update the system with. / Setup

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