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  1. MrMoo

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    im having issues with a fresh install of centOS 6 x86_64 following the tutorial on here (

    everything works fine, except phpmyadmin,it shows a blank screen, it was working, i completed the phpmyadmin install and then tested it, it worked fine, its after that bit it breaks and i cant workout what caused it or how to fix it.

    can anyone offer some guidence and help, ive searched but non of the suggestions help.

    thanks in advance
  2. MrMoo

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    ive just updated a working VPS that i am trying to migrate to the new server, 440+ updates and it has also killed my phpmyadmin

    also getting internal server errors when running my wordpress site that has not had problems.

    strangely thought ISPconfig 3 is not effected
  3. MrMoo

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    its something to do with php-eaccelerator

    i have removed this and it works fine, reinstalling produces the error (i have removed it now)
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    Please empty IE's cache and try again.

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