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    i'm managing a server where one of the sites runs a SSL Certificate.
    I previously secured my PhpMyAdmin configuration with SSL Certificate and all went well, after adding the SSL Site i get a strange issue.

    When i write


    i get htpasswd prompt correctly, then i write credential.
    After htpasswd login ok, i get redirected on


    and does not work.
    It's really strange, i also secured my squirrelmail installation, when i write


    i don't get redirected as PhpMyadmin does.

    What could the problem be?

    The squirrelmail certificate is the one that the site has(strange!). It should be a self-signed certificate that i've created for the default-ssl host.

    If I write http://my.server.ip i get redirected on the default page(it works!).
    If i write https://my.server.ip i get redirected on http://siteurl_with_ssl/ (without https)
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