phpmyadmin not working correctly? Check your suhosin settings...

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    This one bugged me all afternoon - I'd click on, for example, search results, and it just did nothing. Or I'd change the amount per page to over 100 ...and nothing.

    Finally, I looked at that bit of phpadmin no-one looks at, the very bottom of the front page!

    And it said

    You can read all that if you want, but to cut to the good stuff...

    edit /etc/php5/fpm/conf.d/suhosin.ini

    service nginx restart
    service php5-fpm restart

    and there you go! phpmyadmin all working properly again! Hope this manages to save you the couple of hours I spent looking, and teaches ME to look more closely at the foot of pages... :)

    EDIT: Sorry, mods - I thought I was posting in the hints and tips section. Would you mind moving this post if you feel it belongs there?
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