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    My apologies if this question is too novice for a forum, but I thought I´d give it a shot anyways.

    I installed phpMyAdmin to my domain and later tried to Grant privileges to no avail. I´m now realizing that it may be because I have not installed MySql.

    Can someone sum up the connection between MySql and phpMyAdmin? Also: how do I connect and/or install MySql?

    In other words: Is it absolutely necessary to install MySql to run phpMyAdmin?

    Any links to quick start guides would HUGELY appreciated. :)

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    mysql : YES
    you need it to be installed on the host box
    to be able to use

    phpmyadmin is like mysql admin

    but this is web based admin tool for the mysql

    other info < just an note > < may not apply here>
    if you got n setup like this
    PC 1 : www / dns / ftp
    PC 2 :mysql server
    PC 3 : mail server / webmail Vhost

    than you tell the phpmyadmin to look at pc2 <IP> and have an username / password with <PC1 : IP > in the connection from to be able to log into the mysql server
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