phpmyadmin blocking remote access

Discussion in 'General' started by yvespires, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. yvespires

    yvespires New Member


    I did default installation of ISPconfig, can login normally on phpmyadmin page using root... but i cannot using custom user.. gettting this error:

    #1045 Cannot log in to the MySQL server

    Remote Acess is checked.

    Any ideas?
  2. bruno_floyd

    bruno_floyd New Member

    Did you add the IPs of the servers/places where the user would log in from?
  3. yvespires

    yvespires New Member

    nop, i left it blank so any IP can log in

    tried now via terminal:
  4. bruno_floyd

    bruno_floyd New Member

    Try with the IP, see if it works
  5. yvespires

    yvespires New Member


    I did multiserver installation...following ISPConfig manual. - / - / - / - / only internal access using root login works, but only lists db from seems right

    But when i create website database and try to login using normal user, for some reason phpmyadmin at cant connect to

    is something wrong in my setup?!
  6. yvespires

    yvespires New Member


    added at phpmyadmin login screen ;)

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