phpmyadmin after logins redirects to wrong url

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Donatas, Aug 21, 2018.

  1. Donatas

    Donatas New Member

    nginx + phpmyadmin based on tutorial. After I visit and I login I get 404 error with this url:
    After I delete "index.php?token=94f2c3e0aedaff223dc2306ee1bac2d1" and write phpmyadmin by hand in the url "" - phpmyadmin site is oppened normaly

    When I want to logout, url looks like:
    When I logout I get 404 error and pointed to "" but not ""

    How to fix this?
  2. citizenz7

    citizenz7 New Member

    Same here with this tutotrial: perfect-server-ubuntu-18-04-nginx-bind-dovecot-and-ispconfig-3
    Ubuntu 18.04 / Nginx
    After applying options in Nginx
    location /phpmyadmin {
    as shown in the tutorial, it connects well on https://
    BUT: when logging, it shows an "ERROR 404 - Not found" as it connects to : https://
    Obviously, it's wrong cause it should connect to https://
    I guess it's a redirection problem in Nginx options?!!
    How to fix it ?

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