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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Brian_A, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. Brian_A

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    Thanks to all the howtos and a little searching I have my server setup with Ipsconfig and phpmyadmin with everything working quite well.

    Only one thing now is causing me a headache. I cannot see how to give phpmyadmin access to one of my site admins so that he only has priviliges to create and manage his own SQLs (All Priviliges) but only for his own site. I can only get into phpmyadmin with root SQL access. However I create a new user I cannot subsiquently logon to phpmyadmin with that user account.

    Clearly I do not understand something here, any help would be very welcome

  2. Hans

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    Within ISPConfig, in the ISP Manager, enable MySQL for the website. Then go to the options tab. Click on new Database. The database name and the mysql username appear automatically. The only thing you need to define is a password. If you did that. Click on the Tools menu. Click on phpMyAdmin. Now you can login with the username and password.

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