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    In the phpMyAdmin package we had a huge configuration file with many options, but as it is quite difficult to maintain, I was trying to remove all the options that had the default value set. I checked every option, and now I want to discuss every option in this forum. There are not so much, so please give me your feedback, especially for the tricky ones. The default value and explanation can be found over here, So here we GO:

    $cfg['PmaAbsoluteUri'] = $go_info["server"]["server_url"].'/phpmyadmin/'; (Default is empty, and should work. As it's a package we know where it's gone be installed, but does someone know why we use this value?)

    $cfg['Servers'][$i]['hide_db'] = '(information_schema|mysql|pmadb|test)'; (Quite obvious, does someone want to change anything?)

    $cfg['ServerDefault'] = 1; (We should not touch this one)

    $cfg['DisplayDatabasesList'] = FALSE; (default value in 2.10.0, Has been changed to 'auto' since 2.11.0, what should we use?)

    $cfg['DefaultTabDatabase'] = 'db_structure.php'; (Default is 'tbl_structure.php')

    $cfg['DefaultTabDatabase'] = 'db_structure.php'; (Default is 'db_details_structure.php')

    $cfg['Export']['csv_enclosed'] = '"'; we will use the default value as this is an error.

    $cfg['MySQLManualBase'] = ''; (Maybe we should use the new URL?)

    $cfg['MySQLManualType'] = 'searchable'; (Default is 'viewable', which one should we choose?)

    $cfg['DefaultPropDisplay'] = 3; (Since 2.10.0 the default is 'horizontal')

    $cfg['AttributeTypes'] = array(
    ); ('on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP' has been added since 3.0.0)

    In some other types we had 'HEX', 'UNHEX', they are not listed in the wiki should we keep them? why?

    Now, the hard Part :
    $cfg['DefaultLang'] = 'en-iso-8859-1'; (Since 3.0.0 'en-utf-8', which one, and why?)

    $cfg['DefaultConnectionCollation'] = 'utf8_unicode_ci'; (Since 3.0.0 'utf8_general_ci', which one, and why?)

    $cfg['DefaultCharset'] = 'iso-8859-1'; (Since 3.0.0 'en-utf-8', which one, and why?)

    So thanks in advance for your input.
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    I must say that I'am mostly a bit lazy when I install phpmyadmin manually somewhere, I just keep the default falues except of enabling authentication. So I'am not of a big help here. I hope someone which is more familar with these phpmyadmin settings can help you out here :)
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    I got a reply for this one :
    $cfg['Export']['csv_enclosed'] = '"';

    This is an error, it maybe was replaced automatically by a texteditor.
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    As I did not get many comments, here is my plan. I will wait until 3.3.1 is released (rc1 was released one week ago), and make a test package with default values except for $cfg['PmaAbsoluteUri'], $cfg['Servers'][$i]['hide_db'], $cfg['ServerDefault']

    Is this ok for everybody?
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    Nice job !
    However , ispconfig php should be instructed to symlink phpmyadmin and /webmail in every newly added site .
    Aint nice to force clients to remeber server IP or server hostname to acces the above as http://xx.xx.xx.xx/webmail or phpmyadmin instead of their domains.
    And yes , How do i enable clients to modify theis databases permissions ( Select , Alter , Insert )
    As far as i can see , only sql root user can do that.

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